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Wintery Songs



Hello Wintery Songs fans and friends! Rose, Casey, Ellie and I played together last year and are so excited to welcome back Jenna Moynihan and Hannah Read for our 2023 shows. So here's the line-up:

Jenna Moynihan: fiddle, banjo, singing

Hannah Read: fiddle, guitar, singing, Scottish banter

Casey Murray: cello, guitar, singing

Eleanor Bucklan:, fiddle, guitar, singing, glockenspiel

Rose Polenzani: guitar, singing, general magic, glockenspiel

Jennifer Kimball: guitar, ukulele, singing, glockenspiel

Tickets are now on sale - all three shows sold out last year so don't wait to reserve your seats. Stay tuned for a possible show on the 18th or 19th.

If anyone is interested in hosting us for the living room version of this show - well, that is possible, too. Let us know.

We are so excited to get into the mystery, the schmalz, the hymns, the pop tunes, the fiddle tunes, the dissonance and the eleventy parts of this show.

Follow us on the facebook and the instagram for photos and updates if you are so inclined. Invite your friends! See you soon,

cheers, Jennifer

PS Did you know Cher has a new Christmas album? Link to spotify for 'DJ Play a Christmas Song' below.

Casey Murray

This fabulous human Casey Murray, will be playing cello again this year